Posted by: John Erickson | January 26, 2010

Scale-free Networks and the Value of Linked Data


  1. The density and quality of the LINK mesh (network) is the critical success factor re. the “Data as a Service” (DaaS) business model. Thus, the most navigable highway will attract the most traffic (as is the case in real life re. highways and commerce).

    I see each LINK as a the canonical unit of Web Presence. Its the seed of Linked Data Spaces (or meshes). Thus, value will be exposed by Linked Data Spaces, but you cannot reach this end product without an initial seed endowed with high SDQ.

    Bottom line, people need points of presence on the Web that enable them to describe themselves, what they offer, and what they need. Once in place, via a Profile oriented Linked Data Space, the Web will absolutely take care of the REST — Serendipitous Binding of Relevant Things.



    2. — my original post re. Serendipitous Discovery Quotient (SDQ).


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