Posted by: John Erickson | January 6, 2010

Thinking about Nova’s “Semantic Twitter Client”


  1. Great post!

    A few comments — When I talk about “threading” I mean being able to see an actual threaded view of a twitter conversation. Currently nobody shows this true threaded view of Twitter. It’s easily doable.

    When I talk about metadata, I think about all of the above, plus another idea which I will tweet about later. Anyone interested, follow me on twitter for that discussion later on. I have a new proposal for how to do semantics in Twitter…

    Indeed I want this to be truly open source, and perhaps even to become part of the Mozilla galaxy at some point.

  2. Beyond the need of a specialized client capable of handling the complexities of a growing dictionary of tags, microformats and metadata fields I believe a true platform effort would also require community consensus on how to manage the growth of this dictionary, allowing developers to focus on different aspects of the “Twitter language”.

    The infancy of Twitter as a medium is manifested by the fact that most people think of each tweet as a self-contained message. Imagine what could be done if they were orchestrated purposefully.

  3. […] discussion has ensued over the last 48 hours on #Semtweet regarding Nova Spivack’s idea for a Semantic Twitter Client (Semtweet). In addition, resources have begun to accumulate in the Semantic Microblogging Twine. I’d […]

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